Don’t wait for January 1st

I wanted to write this post because I care about your results.  I’ve worked in fitness for many years now and every year around this time this happens.  I see people who have worked so hard all year start to switch off, take their foot off the gas with their training, letting excuses in, the same excuses they would have laughed at a few months ago, go over board with food and spend the Christmas holidays feeling like crap.  Don’t get me wrong you’re going to drink, your going to eat bad food and it won’t help with a box of wine and tin of roses in every room of the house ha!

But I’m asking you to stay strong, still get to your sessions, don’t go over board, don’t ruin Christmas by feeling like crap, eat and drink but stop when you’re full. We all know the difference between full and over eating.

I want you to remember the past year.

  • The early training sessions you attended while everyone else was in bed.
  • The evening sessions you committed yourself to attend regardless of how hectic your day had been.
  • The HQ sessions you had to chop and change and work your arse off with work commitments and kids to even make a session on time.
  • Them bastard pull ups you worked your arse off to improve by an inch.

Ha! Ok well maybe you won’t miss pull ups but you get my drift.
Now let’s smash Christmas while everyone else thinks sod it and starts to ruin their years progress we will crack on!

See you soon


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