How to stay slim through winter/Christmas

Following on from our previous post regarding not letting your training slip. I will explain how I personally stay on track throughout November/December and the festive period.

I usually maintain my current physique after the summer months of dieting and go into a mini diet/cut through November and December. I’m really conscious of my diet and I’m always preparing foods. I know I will have party’s and treats coming at me left, right and centre. So I will reduce daily calories slightly around 200-300 less (or you can reduce portion sizes to each meal if not tracking calories) throughout the week to compensate for the extra calories I will be consuming when drinking, eating and celebrating.

My training will keep my head above the water as I will use the extra calories I’ve consumed to push that little bit harder in sessions. I will definitely be getting in 5 sessions a week minimum and this will keep me in great shape, yet I can party guilt free and not feel bad about myself.

All this preparing means I’m not spending January “catching up” as I know it can take longer than a month to make up for the over indulging over the winter months.

Keep preparing foods, training hard for a minimum 3/4 sessions a week or more, still hydrate with plenty of water but more importantly – Enjoy your time with friends and family guilt free!


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