This is my year…..2017 I’m coming for you!

Studies show on average 73% of people who set fitness goals as a new year resolution fail!  You my friend as a HQ member are not one of those people!  You are the 27%.

Why …?

Well you haven’t settled for a average gym membership all year have you?  You don’t pay a small fee for a gym membership and go 20% of the time.  As a HQ member you attend the gym a hell of a lot more than not! You workout out in a place that’s RESULT DRIVEN.
So let’s get this straight you are NOT the average person going to mess up their New Years goals.  You are going to smash them! And here is how your going to do it!

Average people start thinking about there New Years goals when their hungover, over fed and can’t even look at themselves in the mirror.  HQ members start planing 2017 fitness goals in November 2016.

So log into your app.  Book your 3 session now up until December 24th.  Work out your nights out, big feasts and festive fun around your sessions.  Write down your goal for new year now.  If it’s the shoot or something we can help with let us know now make us accountable for you.  Do it while you’re feeling good not when you’re feeling shit and desperate to feel good.  This way it’s a true goal from your heart and something you really want not from your pain.

I hope this helps


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