Stop lying to yourself

Some people decide┬áto start “eating well” and go do their food shop. They get all the healthy fruit, veg and meats they need. Yet when getting to the naughty aisle they throw in a few packets of biscuits and cakes.

This type of persons gives themselves that excuse that they will just have one or two biscuits, but deep down they know they will have the lot!

We’ve all done it – to reward yourself for doing well each day. Eating junk food shouldn’t be the only pleasure or reward you look forward to.

When you’re in that supermarket – try to focus on keeping that trolley full of food items that nourish the body, that make you feel loads more better and energetic. Replacing the short sugar highs you get from biscuits and cakes that you’ve always been relying on. Walk past that naughty aisle!


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