Forgot to prep?

As you know we love you to prep your lunch and many of you guys now do prep.

However, sometimes when you’re getting the kids ready, getting yourself ready and have your work head on you forget to grab your freshly prepared meal.

Don’t panic, here are some service station or supermarket options you can grab.  Instead of Macdonalds, Greggs pastie, Subway high calorie sandwich, plus biscuits, crisps and cakes etc which could top 1000kcal plus opt for lean meats/protein and fish options such as  low kcal egg sandwich with ready sliced fruit, or sushi with graze protein nuts.  It’s not perfect but it will be fine in an emergency, keeping hunger at bay, refuelling the body with good nutrients.  Marks and Spencer’s and Waitrose (no sponsorship was taken for this) will always give more options for an healthy alternative so keep an eye out for these stores.


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