How to get your family to help your transformation

Over the years I’ve worked with loads of people.  So I wanted to share a common barrier that always seems to make things harder for someone who wants to make real change in there life.


A big mistake is trying to do things on your own.  So if 2017 is really going to be a life changing year and you’re really going to smash your goals you need to sit down with your partner, family and friends, anyone who has a impact on your day to day life.  Explain to them why you want to achieve your goal and how you feel and what it means to you, because if you don’t you CANNOT moan if they don’t help you pick a healthy choice when you go out for food and if they don’t give you extra help with the kids meal prep, evening meals and your session attendance.

So set some goals,tell the world.

And let’s do this!


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