Form Police – why we also focus on form and technique

We clamp down on form in HQ sessions as it’s just as important as actually turning up to sessions.
We design sessions to hit muscles equally from all different angles. We want the muscle to go through a full range of motion, so to make the muscle as short as possible (when the muscle feels like it’s being squeezed) & to lengthening the muscle (the stretching feeling).

Our role as trainers is to make the exercise as inefficient as possible. That may make no sense but we want to isolate certain muscle groups. For example when doing a DB shoulder press we want to focus on shoulders. If you are tensing and shrugging your shoulders upward when pressing and clashing the Dumbbells together at the top, all the tension drops from shoulders and goes to traps, neck and triceps.

Lower the weight, and get the form perfect by going through the full range of motion before you start to add extra load. Extra weight just encourages your body to find a efficient/easier way to lift it, your bodies answer is to recruit other muscles and cheat the weight up.  Perfecting exercise form will kick start your results much quicker that adding extra weight.

I hope you can apply this to your sessions.


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