Bust your balls

Ok …RESULTS.  There’s all different types of results and in general slowly making lifestyle changes over time doesn’t have to be hard or stressful.  You can lead a happy healthier life by making small changes.  Now that’s on average generally easy to achieve a result and can bring you a much happier life.  But if you want and trust me you have to want this to achieve it.  If you want a mind blowing RESULT a result that’s going change your body so dramatically you look like a different person.  Then I’m not going to lie.  It’s going to be hard.  You are going to have to sacrifice.   You are going to have to train and eat a certain way.  The times when you really don’t want to not just the times you do.
I hear and see things all the time.  “The 20 min workout this, The 15 minute meal that”.  Look food prep and training will require more effort and time but the difference in results will show.  Now there is no right and wrong answer.  If you just want to be a little healthier that’s fantastic but if you want a life changing result then it’s gong to be hard but worth it.

It’s that simple!


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