New years resolution – some key points

Ok, most of us have decided what our goals shall be.

Here’s a few pointers to make sure you have either decided well and a few mistakes you might have made and if you have a chance to correct them.

1, Decided when you were drunk

Deciding on a goal when you are drunk is possibly the worse idea in the world and 100% wouldn’t be something you could realistically achieve.  Take your time, plan and make an all round achievable goal (doesn’t mean easy).

2, Deciding on the back of someone’s opinion

Deciding on a goal because someone has said something about you that you don’t like – maybe is a good thing and has made you stand up to something but making a big bold decision to change without really thinking about it for yourself is never a good idea.  The goal has to be what you want and the change you want to see.

3, Thinking you only have a year

A goal doesn’t have to be short and it certainly doesn’t have to mean within a year.  It might be something you want in 10 years.  Dream big and start to plan the little details.

4, Not being clear enough

Starting a goal without a clear outcome in your head is madness.  If you do not know where you are going then you can not arrive at your destination. Be clear, go old school and write it down!

5, Not telling those around you

Not sitting your partner friend and family down and explaining your goals to them will make things harder.
To make real change in your life you need support and they need to know what and how to help.

I hope this helps


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