Ask yourself some questions!

So we are two weeks into 2017. How are we doing with your new years health and fitness goals?Hopefully still training at least 3 times a week and eating 3 healthy meals a day?!?

Nevertheless, ask yourself – Am I sticking 100% to the plan? Could I be trying harder? If you are then great – keep going!!
If not, then don’t worry, it’s just the first step and you’ve acknowledged there is room for improvement but you are going in the right direction.

Keep your goal at the front of your mind and make sure you do something everyday that will help achieve getting to that goal you set a few weeks ago.

There will be points that seem tough, when you’re out of your comfort zone, when you’re not seeing progress, when you mess up. Don’t just throw the towel in – just stick it out and you will get the result you desire! I promise.


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