The truth will set you free

Ok so I’ve hurt my shoulder …obviously I’m going to moan about it like any true man would ūüėȬ†

Only slightly and I’m sure it will be fine in a few days but right now I feel pissed off I can’t train at full intensity at all. Upper body is out of the question. ¬†So it’s a week full of legs.

I feel like eating shit every time I move and it hurts, so while I was moaning to myself .. how can it happen my training is structured, balanced, safe effective what’s gone on..

So I started to think about destroying weeks of hard work through self sabotage not training and eating shit.

Until…….I decided to tell myself the truth!!!!!

For the past few months I’ve noticed 1 arm is bigger than the other, 1 arm takes longer to recover from training, 1 arm is stronger. ¬†This means I’ve got a massive muscular imbalance and an injury is waiting to happen. ¬†It’s happened because I carry my 3 year old daughter in my right hand all the time.¬†

Why?¬†because it’s easier. ¬†Sometimes easier than making her walk. ¬†I don’t have to put up with tears. My right side is stronger etc and I buried my head in the sand carried on always holding her on my right side and ignored how long my right side took to recover. ¬†Ignored how¬†much of a imbalance¬†it was creating by not wanting to carry Tiana on my left side or making her walk sometimes.¬†

All because it was easier!

You see PREVENTION AND HONESTY is key. ¬†It’s easier in the long term maybe not the short term but it will prevent self sabotage in the long run.

So don’t blame, don’t complain¬†because usually things can be prevented.¬†

So I’m off to pick my dummy up and hit some legs!

I hope this helps 


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