Eat more to lose weight?!?

It’s that time of the year now where everyone┬áis super determined to get on track. We look at people’s food diaries usually to make sure they are not over or undereating.

We can safely assume over the Christmas period people were eating more calories than they were burning. So when we give people their calories, they are amazed how many we give them. They always say it’s too much and struggle to hit calories targets – yet we give them a few weeks to keep calories high and they LOSE weight!

This can’t be right?! what is happening in reality is we are just nourishing the body with high quality foods that you can eat more off & are high in VOLUME – Not calories. This keeps your stomach full without out over eating.

For example 2000kcal from meat, eggs vegetables and potatoes/rice, you could make 4 meals and be satiated all day. Compare that to a pack of biscuits (we’ve all secretly eaten a whole packet in one day) would also be 2000kcal alone!! Not including your other meals.

So we’ve natural reduced calories by eating more healthy volumizing foods!

I hope this helps you understand why eating more healthily, nutritious foods makes you lose weight and feel great!


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