How i lost 3.5lbs and didn’t even train

As some of you may know I injured my back quite seriously when training. I had just started my dieting/cutting/slimming phase for a holiday I have in 8 weeks’ time.

I had only completed 2 training sessions and half way through my third session I injured myself. I could have felt sorry for myself and used it as an excuse to eat whatever I wanted as I was at home for a week solid as I could barely move.

What I did do was look at the positives. I used the time as a bit of R&R for my body physically as I believe we all need little breaks from training for muscles, joints and niggling injuries to recuperate.

I made sure I was eating good, nutritious, healthy foods to give my body the nutrients it needs to repair but also kept me in a slight caloric deficit. I tracked my foods and stuck to my non training days’ calories. People who we give calories will understand this, If not tracking calories I had 3 meals a day based around protein, fats and vegetables and had one meal with carbohydrates.

Out of curiosity I weighted myself this morning and I have lost just over 1.5kg (3.5 lbs). I understand that this will be mostly water weighted from tidying up my diet but there will be a bit of fat loss and I’ve only trained 2 and a half times in two weeks. This was also because of years of strength training and eating well that’s has kept my metabolism burning calories at a much higher rate.

I also understand this weight loss will slow down and I will need to exercise soon to keep the progression, however this just shows you can still make progress when illness, injuries, lack of time, work, family get in the way. Don’t use them as excuses as there will always be obstacles in life between you and your goals, its how you tackle the hurdles that gets your results!


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