The truth about AB training

The reality not the lies.

This pic is a few years old, taken on a iPhone in my garage and probably the best shape I’ve been in and the best my abs have ever looked and since there’s so much misunderstanding when it comes to getting a six pack I wanted to talk about how you can achieve this. 

These are some main factors:

Training all body  – consistency 

Leg training plays a big part 

Diet – consistency 

Goals – driven 

Kitchen – prep constant prep NO DAYS OFF

Ab routine -not so important but you need to hit them directly a few times a week but this is actually the least needed. To avoid disappointment I want you to understand the real way you get abs like this.  You also need to understand throughout your transformation you should have 3 main phases.

Getting in amazing shape 

Getting in good shape 

All year round happy maintenance 

Sorry there’s no bull shit intensive ab routine to get like this and I ain’t gonna lie to you and say there is. There is only 1 way to get like this and it comes from being “obsessed” with the goal.  Something you have to want more than anything.  A decision you have to make and you have to follow through 100%. There are no days off and although I will want to get in this shape again I don’t want to do it right now.  I simply don’t want it enough.  This summer I’m just gonna get in good shape. That’s it.

I hate the bull shit Instagram liars who post pics like this and tell you the list of exercises 

Hanging knee tuck 


Heavy crunch

Bicycle sit-ups 

Knee tuck 

Do this routine for abs like this.  Yes that’s what I did but that’s not what got me abs like this.  I still do all the above throughout the year but I’m simply not obsessed enough to get abs like this right now. Amazing shape I don’t always have it in me every year and to be honest it’s not needed.  I try to stay in good shape all year round and just be happy with my body and be the best version of myself i can be. 

But there’s one thing that will teach you something about yourself you never knew you had, something that will radically change you as a person forever and that’s one time in your life being so obsessed with a goal you achieve a level of success and accomplishment you couldn’t have dreamt off.

That’s how you get abs!

I hope this helps


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