Getting in great shape whilst in an active job

Many of us naturally think the more we are moving i.e. very active jobs like builders/joiners, any other none sitting job really the easier it is to stay lean but I don’t think it is.  Don’t get me wrong the more we move on a daily basis the better but when it comes to sticking to the plan and eating the right things to totally transform your body to not only support your goals but support your job it’s hard.  When it comes to eating rubbish because you think you will have burnt it off.  Sadly I think it’s unlikely you will get in good shape and be happy with your body if you over eat on bad choices because you’ve had a very active day.  So what can you do?

First you need to know what calories you need to be consuming on a active day.  Once you know this you can plan for it.  You know what fats, carbs and protein you need.  Don’t make small meals if you’re walking miles or lifting all day.  Don’t turn to sugar for the energy because you prepared a meal that suits someone sat down all day.  Keep trying different sizes lunches record how you feel and what your energy levels are like and when you find the right amount… STICK TO THE PLAN!

I hope this helps


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