Lunch on the go

So I was having a busy week, didn’t have time to go shopping or prep food. Found myself mid week with no lunch prepared and another long day.

That could have been my pass that I “simply didn’t have time” to make my lunch. I could have popped to the local supermarket/shop to purchase a sandwich (which I was really craving).

What I did was think about my current cutting, getting lean phase and picturing the end results in my mind. So instead of picking up the tuna mayo baguette and flapjack that was staring at me, which all together was 900kcal! Nearly half my daily allowance. I went for the best option available.

I picked upped some boiled eggs with mustard, ready made salad and water melon (they also provided plastic cutlery). I did have a protein shake with me but had I not I would have bought some additional packaged protein (turkey/chicken bits) to boost protein levels. This was not perfect as it was a small meal but it enabled me to get to the end of the day where I could prepare a meal when I got home.

This way is also not expensive, meaning this could not be my excuse as it only totalled up to £2.60. The price of a coffee these days, yet the baguette & flapjack would have cost nearly £5. This is not the first time I have had to do this and no mater what supermarket I go to, there are options. Attached is the picture of the food and macronutrients. Calories of meal were 332kcal.

Don’t use the “I don’t have time” excuses and keep the end results in mind.  Share your ideas with us by taking a picture of your lunch on the go!


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