Keep it simple and get great results

When people come to us they always seem to be in a total confused state. This is because they have tried every diet under the sun, ran miles and miles, copied what their friends and family did to get in shape and seen no or very little results for themselves.

The problem is people are trying to find the fastest route to their perfect body shape they have in their minds. However, this is the problem, taking or trying to find too many shortcuts, looking for the latest diet plan, news form of exercises (seriously – trampoline classes!?!)

Everyone hoping that the quick answer is out there, somewhere!

I could write you the most effective fat burning nutritional plan that’s backed up by scientific research, with results to prove its works. Yet, what if its was full of foods you could not bare the taste of? Actually made you feel sick? Or it was impossible for you to fit into your busy work/life styles?
It is simple not sustainable or maintainable so it then becomes probably the worst fat burning plan I could give you, as you will now go back to bad eating habits and consuming junk/ processed foods because its easy, tasty and has short term highs.

What you need to do is to start appreciating your good habits that will get you closer to your goals, and then start to look at the bad habits. Try to understand why those bad habits are in your lifestyle and try to eradicate them one at a time. Keep it simple and this will yield much better results in the long term than the latest diet/fitness plan you see in the magazines.


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