This place changes your life

5 words having really stuck in my head after a conversation with Buxton member Wayne Bates. We were chatting after a session about his last 6 months and how HQ has impacted not only his training but from transforming his body every aspect of his life has changed.  He noticed that and celebrated it … you see there was no mention of the things he “used to enjoy”. He had forgot about them and focused on how great he felt every day.  Now of course he still has a few beers and cheat meals (things he used to enjoy) but he controls them, they don’t control him.  He has them when he wants them but not enough to ruin his new life and his new body.  His wife Charlie Bates is currently undergoing her transformation and is wowing herself with her progression pictures.

So this weekend instead of beating yourself up about a few drinks or bad meals. I want you to think hard about how better your life is now you workout on a regular basis.  Now you eat healthy and actually enjoy training something you might never have thought you would do and bloody celebrate it!

If you’re on the shoot think about what you have done on your journey enjoy the 1 cheat meal but enjoy how far you have come more.

Have a great weekend


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