Eat carbs, lose fat

We always get our members to eat MORE carbohydrates when they aren’t progressing or have stall in their fat loss journey – which is always a shock to them as they think they need to lower them to lose body fat.

They think like this as they may have cut carbs complete in the past and seen some weight loss. It wasn’t cutting carbs that made them lose weight – it was the calories they had reduced from their diet that had made them lose weight/ body fat.

So how to keep carbs in your diet? Use carb cycling. Break it down into two days! Training and non training

Training days you have two out of three meals with carbohydrates
Non training days just have one out of three meals with carbohydrates

Simple hey?!? Use good quality carb choices such as oats, rice, potatoes, quinoa, beans and pulses.

We all love the feeling of a good plate full of carbs, it will give you more energy through the day and will make your train so much harder. Which in turn will yield much better results.

Implement carb cycling into your diet as of today and seeing the fat/weight loss progress!
Take pictures and post your results to show us how well you have done carb cycling


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