Are you really eating healthy?

With our clients we try and get them to be as honest as possible this doesn’t always happen from the beginning.
People tell us they “eat healthy but can’t lose weight”.
Can you relate to that? What is happening is people are having foods that aren’t high in quantity but high in calories. If you have a cream cake and a large latte which could be 500-600 calories – this is the same value as a chicken breast, sweet potato wedges and vegetables.

The cake and latte won’t fill you up for long and you will be craving another cake soon, however the chicken, sweet potato and vegetables will fill you up and keep you satiated for 3-4 hours.

This also is why we keep protein high for members as it keeps them fuller for longer and keeps them less likely to snack on quick fix junk foods.

Ask yourself if you are being honest with yourself as to how “healthy” you are eating. Try logging a weeks foods into myfitnesspal as see how many calories easily add up!


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