The number one problem

We have dealt with hundreds, nearly thousands of clients at Transformation HQ and weight/fat loss is the number one problem people come to see us for help.

The total confusion of what you need to eat nutritionally for fat loss is like some mystical world that’s hidden away. Often the answer people are usually told is to push harder when training or training more! Yet – no change?!?

It also doesn’t help when people are scanning social media or friends & family are giving you their best tip as what got THEM into shape. Problem is that these facts and figures aren’t usually true. So most people end up in a confused state.

The most effective action to lose body fat/weight is consistency.  When I tell people this, they are always disappointed because its not a quick fix answer, but reality is its not a quick fix problem. You weren’t in amazing shape one day, then suddenly out of shape when waking up one morning. Its been a problem of bad habits, lack of exercise and poor nutritional choices that have accumulated over months and years.

There is no need to overcomplicate things. Here are the basics and if you stick consistently to the the basic, you will get the body shape you are after.

  • Created an energy deficit (be burning more energy than what’s coming in through foods
  • Consume plenty of protein to keep you feeling full, help you recover and build a metabolism by adding muscle to your frame
  • Add vegetables to every meal to get good vitamins and minerals into the body
  • Keep hydrated with a minimum of 2 litres of water a day

Stick to the basics and keep consistent with the above dietary guidelines that fits in line with YOUR lifestyle.


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