The blame game

This Sunday I went to Blackpool with my girlfriend and daughter we had a great day but for some reason and the first time in a long time I completely lost my head with food.

Donuts, Chips, Ice-cream, Burgers!

I felt awful Sunday night and Monday morning …food hangover, but here’s the thing, all week I’ve eaten my normal diet.

Chicken, Greens, Sweet potato, Protein bars, Mince meat etc. 

All week and even now I’ve been bloated, sluggish, full, tired, unproductive and shit in the gym.  So I’ve eaten my chicken and veg and it’s made me bloated.  Now if I was lying to myself and I’d blocked out of my mind my Sunday binge I’d say hmm chicken is making me bloated or veg seems to make me bloated.  No Carl it has nothing to do with your healthy foods it’s the big ass binge you had Sunday that’s probably going to sit on your stomach for another few weeks but you’re not thinking about that you’re blaming the plan.  Let’s look at this on a big scale. If every day we are not being honest with ourselves about the biscuit we blocked out of our mind or the big ass food binge we had then we will constantly blame everything other than ourselves and not taking ownership of where you are right now will RESULT in you never getting to where you want to. 

Just something to think about.
I hope this helps.

Carl eaten to much Lambert!

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