You must be willing to change

During your fitness journey generally your goals may differ slightly but in general they will remain the same.  One things guaranteed to change and that’s your life and circumstance and you must be prepared and willing to adapt and change with it because if you don’t your results will suffer. 

My goal is to have all over muscular development, be fit healthy but look good.  Before I had a business and a family my training would consist off a very traditional body building split chest one day arms the next etc I was training 6/7 days a week sometimes double days. 

Now my goal is still over all muscular development, but guess what?  I don’t train 6/7 times a week. for one I don’t have time and for two i’d rather adapt my training and see my family more and spend time building a business that’s my passion.  But my goals are still there and there still the same.  So I now do full body workouts and upper and lower body splits so I still hit all my muscles the same it’s just more of a condense workout.  I’ve learnt to adapt. 

I hope this helps 


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