The daily decision

A decision is something we make by ourselves.   Yes there are certain pressures sometimes in a decision.  Time and circumstance are 2 big ones, but dress them up how you want, the choices you make are your own.  We might blame work and kids for making us make the decision (if it was the wrong one) but in reality it was ours.

Now here’s some numbers for you.  I usually make around 2 to 3 BAD decisions a day around my transformation, but around 10  good decisions.

The bad could be:

Meaning to fill my water bottle up and not doing or eating far too much at one meal and feeling sluggish because I’ve left it till I was starving.

A good decision can range from:

In general my calories over the day have been good or I trained well because I’d cleared my head before hand etc.

Keep making the good decisions, they outweigh the bad!


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