Stop wasting your time jogging and start lifting weights!

It pains me to see people jogging ( or slogging it is I call it) the streets night after night on my way home from work.

I’ve seen these people for years and they look exactly the same. If they are training for an event or enjoy the run that’s fair enough – however it looks like they are in pain, their knees, back and ankles aching, face puffing and blowing. They have no desire to do it as they aren’t losing body fat or weight! Yet they keep doing it?!?

Well the good news is there is an answer!

The bang for your buck is high intensity, heavy weight & strength training. Strength training saves time, increases your metabolism, increase bone density, improves insulin sensitivity, burns fat, builds muscle, can be done around injuries. The list can go on…

Do yourself a favour and stop pounding those streets and wasting hours, days doing something your not enjoying – And start to pound the iron and lift some heavy weights of the gym floor and look, feels a million dollars!!



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