Will lifting weights make me bulky?

The mainstream media is coming around to the principle that weight & strength training should be your priority when trying to lose weight.

Never the less  – there is still a feeling from training women that they shouldn’t lift too heavy as they might get bulky!?!?

Our female members have got their head around this and as you can see from our latest shoot results (if you haven’t seen them – go to our Facebook page) that lifting heavy weights actually makes you slimmer, stronger, fitter, healthier & happier!

Our females want to look lean & athletic and have tons of energy! not starving all the time, weak and looking skinny fat.

Strength training is fun, challenge and gets results in half the time of slow steady state cardio would.

Women to find out a basic legs and tums strength workout and 3 simple strategies to burn body fat of your legs- check out this link below



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