Not assessing! You’re only guessing!

I’m a massive fan of recording my workouts and my nutrition. To some this may seem obsessive or too time consuming.  I say it’s motivational and keeps me focused!

I’ve recorded every workout I’ve ever done for the last 8 years. This helps me look back and see how much progression I’ve made. It also helps me push harder each session trying to improve on my last session, whether that being reps, sets, weights or time.

My nutrition is recorded for most of the year, this helps me get to my goal quicker. For example if I want to add a little muscle, I make sure I’m hitting calories targets so I don’t put too much fat on or when I’m in a fat loss phase I count calories to make sure I’m actually in a calorie deficit (burning fat).

This is what we do at HQ, we record our main exercises and we give targets for calories at certain parts of the year.

Ask us more if you want to find out more about recording nutrition and training!


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