Do smoothies & shakes work for fat loss?

In the short term, yes! In the long term, no!

With a trend of blending and necking shakes & smoothies – why don’t people lose weight?

Well they will lose weight for the first few weeks! Then weight loss will stop. This is because its not a sustainable way of living.

Although you save time from making meals and you will drop body fat at the beginning – it will always slow.

The problem with shakes & smoothies is that you have taken out the digesting process – thus your body will become hungry very quickly. You will then be more likely to grab the nearest foods available as your blood sugars drop, normally the wrong types of foods.

I would always recommend to have whole foods and meals. The hormones that make you feel full and satiated is only released when chewing on whole foods.

By all means have a shake as a recovery after your workout or have a small smoothie in between meals – just don’t rely on shakes and smoothies as meals as it will end in failure.


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