Should I be exercising more?

There is a reason why we recommend you to train 3 times a week which can supplemented with an additional strength session or two!

Overtraining! I understand your thinking that more exercise may get better & quicker results but it will always end up with an over trained ( or under recovered) stressed body. A stressed body will lead to injuries, illness, fat gain, muscle loss, family and friend’s relationships strained, poor performance at work.

Rest days are as important as your training days – the reason being, in sessions we are breaking down the body (muscles), it’s a taxing effort on the central nervous system. If you train 7 days a week on little sleep, when will the body rest and repair?

If you’ve done your set amount of training sessions, go out there and live your life and do other activities such as walking, playing with kids, join a sports team. Don’t be the slave to the idea of training 24/7!


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