We are not the best…….YET!

You may have seen that the trainers at Transformation HQ are again on another training course. You may wonder why?

Every 6-12 months we like to go to see the experts in the health and fitness industry.
You may be questioning why we need to see the experts if we are meant to be one of the best at what we do!

We truly believe we are great at getting people amazing results that span all different shapes, sizes, mind-sets, injuries, goals etc. However, it’s important to stay update with the latest research and ideas coming out of the industry.

Yes, most of our knowledge and techniques will get really good results but why not keep updated!? We don’t use the same cars, phones, computers from 10-15 years ago, we use the upgraded version of them. This is how we view our knowledge on health & fitness, it maybe something you could transfer to your personal development or health and fitness understanding as well.

As trainers at Transformation HQ we like to push outside of our comfort zone with an endless view to improve – in order to help you as clients, members or people general interested in what we do get the best results possible!


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