WTF is mind muscle connection

I have been trying to explain more about “mind muscle connection” in sessions, yet I feel it still needs a little more explanation.

I truly believe it increases the rate of results when you can always feel the muscle working, in all ranges of motion, at all times.

I often see people when exercising day dreaming, I’m presuming it’s about what they’ve got to do for the rest of the day, or what they are having for tea etc…

To get the best results possible, whilst doing an exercise with sets, reps or allocated times – ALL focus should be on feel the muscle working for the allotted time. The muscle should be SQUEEZED in its shortest position, STRETCHED in its lengthened position. For example on leg extension. At the top of the movement you should pause and squeeze the thighs/ quads and slowly lower the weight so you feel the thighs/quads resisting against the weight until they feel in a stretched position.

The added benefit of “feeling the muscle” is that you will increase intensity. Intensity is where the body is forced to adapt and burn fat, build muscle, get stronger, get fitter.

Next time you exercise and your mind wonders off, you are looking at other people train, picking your nails, checking your phone – you are not feeling the muscle work so need to focus that bit harder whilst adding a lot more intensity.

Do this and your will see much quicker results and maybe enjoy training even more!


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