Does coffee actually make you live longer?

A few members recently commented on coffee as it’s been in the news lately?

I believe the research was a cup of coffee made you live 4 mins longer!

I saw this information as I was having my own cuppa and wondered what truth was in this and how people would use the information..

Yes it may have health benefits – however if you diet is full of crap and then you’re having a frocha mocachino or what ever they make up these days, which could have up to 400kcal per drink!!

Plus adding in a couple extra teaspoons of sugar!!

Then I would say coffee would certain not be good for you and it would be reducing your life expectancy!!

This does happen a lot in the health and fitness industry, always looking at the minutiae and not looking at the bigger picture and your diet as a whole….

Try focusing on sleep, hydration and hitting food/calories targets for life expectancy

STOP worrying about the little slip ups you make & concentrate on a weekly: monthly average. You probably can have a froca mocha Frappuccino with a spoon full of sugar OCCASIONALLY

But I would stick to the Americano’s with skimmed milk and no sugar as daily drink.


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