Do you like the way you eat? 

Truthfully! Have a think about it and be honest with yourself!

Are you currently “dieting”

Can you see yourself eating like the way you currently are, every day for the rest of your life? I bet you cant!

I think people are terrified to not being “dieting” all year round. Unfortunately, this cannot be done as lean mass (muscle) will start to reduce & metabolism is thus slowed down. Not good news!!!

Have you ever said? I’m never eating chocolate, cakes, biscuits etc for a certain amount of time? A week, a month, a year?!?

No treats whatsoever all year round!! Come on – you seriously don’t want any treats EVER!

This is why we recommend FLEXIBLE dieting/eating. Eating good, healthy, nutritious foods 90% of the time with an occasional chocolate bar, burger, alcoholic drink. You can eat these foods and still be in a caloric deficit (fat burning) yet feel like your cheating/enjoying life’s fine rewards.

So what’s this mean to me?

The answer = Treat yourself occasionally in moderation to avoid feeling deprived and stop the massive binge eating marathon because you stripped all treats out of your diet.

If you want to find out more about flexible dieting – reply back and I can help you apply it to your life


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