Why a low-carb diet will make you fatter 

Yes – dropping carbs from your diet at first will make the scales weight drop, and you may see some fat & inch loss.

But why does it always slow, stall & stop completely?

It wasn’t cutting the carbs that was helping you drop fat & weight – It was the calories you stop consuming that made you drop the weight.

However, It has an end life to results, so now you need to drop more.

So what now? Do you take fats out of your diet?? You could and you would lose weight for a few weeks, then you would crack and start a binge as all you could eat now would be chicken and vegetables!!!

Not very exciting life that!!

Don’t blame and eliminate a food source out of your diet – we need carbs to fuel the body!

The body prefers to run on carbs (in the form of glucose) as energy. We when have an abundance of carbs in the body you can train & exercise HARD. The harder you train and keep up intensity whilst exercising – the more body fat you will drop.

You will be able to keep exercising & training HARD all year round as you haven’t eliminated carbs from the diet.

The better approach is to monitor calories and food portions with just the occasional weekly treat in there to keep you sane. Consistently exercise three times a week or more will yield much better results and there won’t be any bingeing sessions that undo all your hard work.

This is because you feel satiated, energized and will be seeing constant fat/weight loss all year round.

Plus who doesn’t love carbs – they taste INCREDIBLE!!


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