Why Cristiano Ronaldo is lying to you about his abs! 

Building your body of your dreams requires, time, effort and patience..

So does building a business..

So does climbing the career ladder..

To become the worlds greatest football player..

Everything in life requires time, effort and patience!

Never the less, most people stick with business, house, career & new car goals more than they do with their own body shape & health goals!


Unrealistic comparisons – a lot of images you see on social media are not often real, celebrities telling you about their diet & training regime that got them into shape – usually a fad product they are sponsored by (think Cristiano Ronaldo with Herbalife and that stupid six pack trainer b*ll*cks)

When you try to use the same diet or training regime – you see NO change?!?

Health and fitness goals then fizzle out because it’s easy to drop them and start a new “diet” or “exercise class”. Its much easier to quit & start again than it is to stick to the long term plan.

Stick to the main plan – eat healthily, train consistently and recover well through rest, sleep and drinking plenty of water.

If you’re the impatient type – set yourself small “mini goals”

For example – 2 inches off your waist in 4 weeks!! This will keep you motivated.

Your main body shape goal e.g. six pack, size 8 dress, should be a common knowledge to your friends, family and work colleagues.

The more people you tell – the more likely you are going to achieve that goal!


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