Follow these 5 habits of people who are in great shape!

Ever wonder why fad diets and new exercise regimes’ work at the beginning but then results tail off?

It’s because you’re not consistent enough!

It’s because consistency means 3-4 months sticking at a plan NOT 3-4 weeks.

And why do people only stick to plans for weeks rather than months – it’s because it’s easier!

Easier to just do a few weeks, see some results & when results slow down it’s a great excuse to pack it in and go on a binge of crap foods and no exercises.

It’s much harder to stick to a regimented plan for 3-4 months and that’s why you don’t see many people in amazing shape.

It’s difficult to get in shape but at the same time it’s SIMPLE if you stick to the plan

People who get into great shape and stay in shape install these great habits;

  • Exercises a minimum of 3 or 4 times a week every week
  • Have protein at every meal
  • Have greens and vegetables at every meal
  • Know how to portion carbohydrates on training and non-training days
  • Consume minimum of 2L of water a day

If you’ve got a little out of focus, try out 28 day transformation challenge. Go back to the HQ meal plan you got when you first joined and stick to that and that only for 28 days! OR go for the 3 months shoot which starts this weekend. (meeting at Buxton 10.45am). This will show what 3 months of consistency can do to shape a body!


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