Obsessed or dedicated? – Top 3 training points revisited

I’ve always had a fascination in learning about the body and how it can be shaped and changed through weight training.

Some people may find this obsessive but I see improvement and dedication to members and my own goals.

At first it was aesthetics but as I grew older it amazed me about how weights can improve health, strength and fitness.

A few weeks ago, we went to a weight training course with one of the top coaches in the UK and I’m going to share what we discussed and how it can be applied to your training.

Although they are principles I was well aware of – I definitely think it’s worth revisiting with you guys!

  1. You got to SQUEEZE the muscle to GROW the muscle. if you want your glutes to be curvy and not flat like a pancake! if you can SQUEEZE the muscle HARD when doing leg exercises.– want the arms to burst your t-shirts? then SQUEEZE the biceps as HARD as you can when curling.Stop adding weight until you can SQUEEZE the muscle HARD


  1. You need equal forces going through the joint. E.g. always doing chest press, shoulder press, push ups yet have shoulder pain all the time?!? Try doing two rowing movements for every push movement you do.


  1. Elbows hurt on triceps exercises? Grip doesn’t matter when working triceps. Want to tone or make the back of the arms bigger. Use the grip that gives you the least elbow pain and stick with it. Squeeze and stretch the muscle through the full range of motion before adding more weight.

I hope these little points can keep you dedicated and achieve your goal’s sooner.


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