Why you can “slip up” on your holiday

With holiday season in full swing now – I usually see people panicking and telling me their excuses for their holiday eating & drinking.

We know you are going to “slip up” and here is why its ok!

I’ve also recently been away and knew beforehand that I would be eating & drinking the wrong food choices, not consuming much water, not sleeping well and certainly not a lot of exercise!

Here is what you shouldn’t NOT be feeling – GUILT!

Don’t feel guilty –it’s possible to get away with a week from your usually good routine.

It’s good to switch off mentally and physically from eating well and exercising hard (as long as you’ve been dieting and training before holidays)

Here are a few tips you can do (and what I did on my recent trip away), to limited the damage so you are able to enjoy treats when away;

  • Lower calories a couple of weeks before and after you holiday
  • Up exercise frequency before and after your holiday
  • Have a small light breakfast based around protein when on holiday e.g. a 2 or 3 eggs
  • Try to walk as much as possible when away

Employ these tips on your summer break and stay lean!


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