Introducing the “clean cheat meal” technique!

Following on from Carl’s video (watch back if you haven’t seen on our Facebook page)

I wanted to extend the discussion on cheat meals because cheat meals can become a mystifying subject.

Ever had a cheat meal and it’s become a cheat weekend?!

Have you even heard of a cheat meal? 

Not sure if you deserve a cheat meal?

To me, if all you can think about is your cheat meal (or food binge) at the weekends then you have been too restrictive with your diet in the week.

You should allow for some flexibility in the week so you feel like you are not dieting or sacrificing all the time.

What you can do to trick yourself is to do “clean cheat meals”

I know I’ve said before that “clean eating” is a term we don’t all ways agree with but stick with me.

When the cravings kick in and you want something sugary – why not try a chocolate protein bar. Some are naturally ingredients, some have sweeteners but all are a great way to cull the crave – and will definitely have less calories that a pack of chocolate biscuits!

If your craving pizza, make your own. Have a whole meal tortilla and low fat mozzarella cheese, chopped chicken and bake in oven for 20 minutes.

Here are just a few examples of “clean cheat meals”

If you have these throughout the week you are less likely to binge at weekends.

Reply back with your “clean cheat meals” and I will share them on our Facebook page so we can help one another.



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