Stop thinking more exercise is always better!

More training sessions…

More cardio…

More reps…

More weights…

More time in the gym…..

In the desperation of getting the body of their dreams, people fall into the trap of thinking “I must to do more to get there quicker”

With this type of thinking – people tend to think the opposite with diet!

Less carbs..

Less fats..

No treats….

Ultimately all this leads to is a STRESSED, worn out body and mind. Our bodies need to recover from training, dieting, work, family & day to day worries.

This method of training too much and little nutrition will eventually break you as you have gone too far!

Most likely to injury, mental fatigue, depression, sickness, food binges then eventually FAT GAIN.

Like we recommend at Transformation HQ – 3-4 resistance based exercises sessions a week is enough and our results prove it!


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