Make sure you are Training Not Exercising! 

To some people, training and exercising are the same thing…

So, what is the difference you may be asking??

Think about times you’ve gone to the gym, lifted a few weights or sat on a bike to get the blood flowing and the heart rate up! Then thought great – job done!

It makes you feel good as you got the endorphins pumping around the body, however; you were just going through the motions…

It lacked INTENSTIY & and there was NO PURPOSE to the session. This is Exercising!

Training on the other hand is INTENSE, SPECIFIC and has a GOAL that you can work towards. This gives you the motivation to improve each and every session.

In Transformation HQ Sessions, we encourage everyone to record their exercises and look to improve each and every workout.

Recording your workouts will make you push that bit harder when TRAINING, lift a little extra weight, do more reps, train for longer…

Yes TRAINING is hard and requires focus & intensity but if you want your body to change shape you need to TRAIN and eat to support your goals – not go through the motions (exercise) and diet!


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