Overcome dieting and training fatigue! 

We all know how exhausting dieting, eating well and training hard can be.

Trying to lose weight is not seen as a pressure in life – but it should be viewed as that!

  • If you have been working hard in your profession – you take a holiday


  • If you love been constantly arguing with your partner – you take a break! Think Ross from Friends


  • If you’ve been on a long drive – you take a rest break

This is exactly what I’ve recently done with my own training and nutrition.

I’ve recently dropped 4kg and 6 inches off my waist and chest in a 8 weeks “dieting” phase. I felt drained, so for the last 2 weeks focused just on my strength in training sessions and consumed more calories (just above maintenance 2500kcal)

My main lifts are up, I’ll feel more alert but more important VERY MOTIVATED to push for another fat loss phase.

To see if you’re ready for a back off phase, ask yourself these questions;

  • Are your muscles always sore?
  • Are you picking up more niggling injuries?
  • Struggling to sleep all of a sudden?
  • Drop in libido?
  • Irritable most of the time?
  • Lack of progression with exercise and body shape?
  • Feel sluggish after a workout?

Answer yes to two or more of the above questions?

Try scheduling a small back of phase into your training & dieting plan and reap the rewards in the long term.

We cannot diet all year round and you will need to back off at certain points in the year.
When’s your next back off period?
PLAN your year out!


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