Stay off them bloody scales!

If you don’t like what you see in the mirror, what difference does it make what the scale says?”

Think about how you feel when you weigh yourself and read the above quote again!

Many people believe that when they get to a certain number on the scales they will be happy! All their problems go away, they will have got the body shape of their dreams, can eat what they want and maintain their body shape!

What if I said you could weigh the same on the scales but look slimmer, leaner, toned and defined and can eat a well-balanced diet with treats! Doesn’t that sound better?!

Take photos of yourself in your sports clothing & take measurements of waist, thighs, arms & chest (plus scale weight to keep you happy) every TWO WEEKS to see TRUE progress.

Why people fail when just using the scales!

In a fat loss phase, people will be burning fat and building muscle at the same time! Yet they don’t see the scales move, so they just pack it all in and give up because the scales didn’t budge?!? But they didn’t take measurements or photos which would have shown how much body fat they had lost!!

Can you see why we say all the time to “stay off them bloody scales” – you will truly see a body being transformed when you have you progress photos & measurements!!!

Your job today with it being the beginning of the week is to take a progress photo, take measurements and WAIT for TWO WEEKS before you do it again. If you are consistent with nutrition and training – you will see results instead of watching your weight fluctuate up and down every day.

Taking measurements and photos every TWO WEEKS keeps you motivated rather than getting depressed with a number on the scales.


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