Don’t kid yourself

Eating healthy isn’t expensive

That’s a cop out so you can go off diet and eat crap!

Same with time

YES – We are ALL busy and would love a little more time.

However, we are probably not going to gain much more time and in fact you may even LOSE more time.

This is reality but there are ways around the TIME & EXPENSE excuses.
Eating healthily is not expensive!

Swap chicken breasts for chicken thighs

Swap salmon for tinned fish

Frozen food is just as nutritious as fresh food and half the price

Using more eggs as a protein source, cheap and super versatile


       So how do we gain more time?

Here are some simple ways to get more time

  • 20 minutes less each day off social media
  • 20 minutes less TV each day
  • Get up 10 minutes earlier

That’s 50 minutes gained each day that can be spent either training or prepping meals.

You will be happier & less stressed as you have eaten healthily and are on target of making all your training sessions for the week.

There will be an answer to every excuse, STOP thinking about the problem and START thing about the solution!


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