Why you SHOULD give up

This may sound a little crazy but bear with me.

Ever tried to achieve a body shape goal but struggled to get there? What do we all usually end up doing?

We give up

We blame someone else

We blame our genetics

We blame our jobs

We blame our kids

You may be thinking that’s easy for me to say being the personal trainer/gym owner.

Never the less – I use to struggle with getting the body I wanted. A more muscular athletic look. I tried the lot CARDIO, DIETING, WEIGHTS, FITNESS CLASSES.

Yet no change – I blamed my genes, I was too busy, didn’t want to give up treats (Beer)

So I “gave up” for a few weeks and started again a couple of months later.

But if I had just PERSERVERED for a little longer I would have seen changes eventually.

I should have kept to the plan, I would’ve got to the body shape I was after a lot quicker because I wasn’t stop starting all the time.

So you should “Give Up” Giving Up

Make Sense? If not read it again!

Today is the start of a new week, so if you been wobbling and thinking of “quitting”


Get straight back to what you know you should been doing!


If you HAVE been doing what you should be doing perfectly and think this doesn’t apply to you…


Ask yourself what more can I do to get there even quicker! Extra training sessions, walk more, prepping meals better, planning ahead…

I hope this message can keep everyone on track to achieve their body transformation goal quicker


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