Why do certain diets work?

The answer is SO simple but always overlooked

It creates a caloric deficit

Atkins – calorie deficit (low carb)

Paleo – calorie deficit (low carb)

Fasting – calorie deficit ( meal restricting)

Ketogenic – calorie deficit (No carbs)

Low Fat diet – calorie deficit (low fat)

Slimming world/weight watchers – calorie deficit (points controlling calories)

All of the above diets work for people because they take out one certain element of the diet, e.g. fats, carbs

If you take out one huge element – all that’s happened is you have reduced energy intake (calories)

This is common across the board

None of the diets are wrong – they only work if you can continue eating that way for the rest of your life.

Otherwise when you do “stop dieting “ you will most likely binge, over eat & put all the body fat back on again (and mostly likely more body fat than you had before diet)

Why not take the more “life friendly” option of keeping all types of foods in your diet and just reduce calories?!? Its be proven it works across all types of diets!

It’s just not a sexy to tell people I’m on a control calories diet where I eat healthily most of the time & and occasional add a few treats in!!

It’s not a fad – but it works in the long term for sustainable fat loss with NO RESTRICTIONS!

Want to know more about how many calories you need to be in a caloric deficit, message me back!

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