Why I’m so blunt and how it helps you lose body fat!

As you may be aware – I like to be a “bit” direct a times…

It may sound blunt but I hate bullsh*t and wishy washy fluff.

I try to make life and decisions in life as black and white as possible.

I know this isn’t always possible when issues such as emotion, finance, external factors that are out of my control come into play.

Never the less, this is how I view getting into great shape.  I want to keep it as simple as possible.

This means I’m keeping an eye on the latest research papers on fat loss and muscle gain. The reason being its direct & to the point!

Although – IT’S A BIT BORING

So, I wouldn’t want you to waste your time looking for research papers on fat loss and muscle gain.

However, the latest paper to come out SHOULD be of interest to you! I really wanted you to see the results;

Out of a study of 40 women over 4 months who weight training and dieted (calorie deficit) lost SIGNIFICANT body fat!

This was compared to a group of women who just dieted only
group of women who just weight trained only

All groups lost body fat but the weighted training and dieting group lost A LOT more body fat.

This really can’t get more direct and I love it as it backs up what myself, Carl and the other trainers at Transformation HQ have been preaching for years.

  • You CANNOT out train a bad diet
  • You CANNOT continue to lose significant body fat over a long period of time without weight training.

This paper is more blunt and direct than me, but science & research is now proving how great weight training and being in a calorie deficit (dieting) is for fat loss & building muscle.

I have linked in the paper if you don’t believe me…


That’s enough bluntness from me today!


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