Searching for the secret remedy? 

Are you still searching for the remedy to help you achieve your desired fitness goal?

  • Is it low fat diet?
  • Is it low carb diet?
  • Is it weight training?
  • Is it a certain supplement?
  • Is it a certain ab exercise?

As fitness professions, we get ask this A LOT “what’s the best thing……”

Unfortunately, there isn’t just one certain element or “thing” that can solve your problems.

It needs a compilation of three areas Nutrition, Training and Recovery.

Each of those areas then has hundreds if not thousand subcategories. It all depends on the individual as it has to fit that person’s lifestyle, likes, dislikes, injuries, family life, work life.


There is always one element that’s needed for success – CONSISTENCY.

It’s always a boring answer but it’s the one that works!

  • Consistently making your training sessions each week
  • Consistently hit your daily calories targets with good nutritious foods
  • Consistently getting 7-9 hours sleep each night
  • Consistently hydrating with 2-3 litres of water
  • Consistently stretching to keep flexible
  • Consistently using supplements to support your diet and training

See the common theme – then stop looking for the shortcuts and try being CONSISTENT.

Give it time and be patient, then you will get the desired fitness goal you are after!


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