Controlling your weekend lifestyle! 

I get it!

We work hard all week
We training hard all week
We have house duties all week
We have family commitments all week

So, we try and switch of at weekends and live a different lifestyle.

Partying, drinking alcohol, eating junk foods, not sleeping, not tracking/recording calories.

It all goes a bit Pete tongue (wrong) Saturday and Sunday.

We have a crazy methodology that because it’s the weekend – nothing is in reality. We bury our heads in the sand and believe all that extra junk doesn’t count or didn’t happen.

This a reward mechanism because of our tough weeks.

I know I cannot change this self-rewarding at weekends because you should enjoy the weekends and life in general.

So, I wanted to help you limit the damage of the weekends.

  • If you always go out for a fry up breakfast, add a real mushroom instead of buttered & fried mushrooms, add more tomatoes, go for bacon medallions, add extra eggs instead of toast.


  • If you always go out for a restaurant meal, skip the starter or dessert this can save 300-400kcal alone. Make sure you also train or go for a long walk on the day you go out.


  • If it’s going to be a heavy weekend on booze, swap pints of lager for bottled light lager, swap prosecco for a slime line G&T.

Small tweaks to your weekend mean you can still progress to your fitness goal and keep you enjoying yourself during the process.


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