Results not coming fast enough? 

Ever questioned why you don’t see results fast enough??

From seeing people train hard and consistently pretty much every day these days – as a trainer, I can be fairly certain that you are not seeing results quick enough because your diet sucks!


Again & again I hear “my diet is good and healthy but I’m putting on weight” or “I’m not losing weight fast enough”

So, we are then asked “what’s the best food for fat loss” or “what’s the best exercise for burning belly fat”

Fat loss always comes from being in a consistent calorie deficit (burning slightly more than you consume)

It’s no good having two good weeks and one bad week. To see great results, you need to be good for two MONTHS and then you’ve DESERVED a bad week.

If you’re still questioning why your results are slow – just for 7 CONSECTUTIVE days. Write down what you eat! YES, it’s a massive pain in the arse to begin with but you will get better at it and there are free apps on your phone to help you now. If it was easy everyone would look like a ripped supermodel so not having time or energy is NOT an excuse if you want a great, lean, healthy body.

You should be able to guess how many calories are in a chicken breast and a baked sweet potato, or how many calories are in a table spoon of peanut butter.

Purely because everything you intentional put in your mouth will have calories – no matter how healthy that food maybe.

Track for 7-14 days and I’m certain just by being more aware of what you are eating you will consume a little less – which then will make you drop body fat/ weight – thus your results will then come faster.

Give it ago, if you’ve never tried recording foods before, what have you got to lose as I can promise you – it won’t slow down your results.


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